Brother Peter Sullivan is a monk at Saint John's Abbey in Collegeville, MN.  He grew up in a small town called Mattituck on Long Island, NY.  He held various jobs in NY, from second grade teacher to owning a small lawn care/landscaping business, to managing a pet store.  He moved to Minnesota in 2005 to become a monk.  The death of his sister inspired him to begin drawing out the memories he had of his sister.  He believes that this discovery was a gift from his sister, through her death.  He doesn't know how he lived the first thirty-three years of his life without making art.  He hasn't stopped making art since.

          At first, Brother Peter was interested in painting and drawing representationally.  He painted portraits of old monks at the monastery.  Brother Peter had this uncanny ability for capturing an essence of the monk's spirit and personality.

          Later on, Brother Peter started creating highly detailed abstract ink drawings.  He liked working with ink because he was able to make finer lines than compared to paint.  He likes to get lost in the details of his ink drawings.  The drawings are reminiscent of lines, textures, patterns, shapes and forms found in nature.  Brother Peter says the drawings remind him of God.  Making these drawings is a contemplative form of prayer for him.  When he gets into the zone, he finds he can't help but to think about the wonder of God.